About us

Anubis Vape meets the highest quality standards in the market for manufacturing eLiquids for electronic cigarettes. Additionally, we provide an array of related vaping products that serve a wide spectrum of buyers, both online and locally in retail stores. Our focus on high quality products and unique shopping experiences distinguishes the Anubis Vape brand.

anubis vape anubis vape

American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association

Anubis Vape also is a Member of AEMSA, the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, the primary Manufacturers' trade association completely dedicated to creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of 'e-liquids' used in electronic cigarettes. Anubis Vape adheres to AEMSA's stringent requirements for manufacturing our e-liquids.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Customer Service

  • Telephone support with friendly, United States-based customer service people

USA Manufactured e-Liquids

anubis vape anubis vape

  • Highest quality USA made base substrates (flavors may source globally)
  • Best and purest liquid nicotine available used in all our branded nicotine products
  • USP-certified nicotine and substrates
  • Kosher-certified substrates
  • Manufactured and bottled in the USA
  • Substrates and Nicotine tested by independent testing facilities to ensure quality
  • We adhere to American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) standards (Certified Member) - the premier eLiquid standards organization in the world

anubis vape anubis vape

Innovative Products

  • Mobile charging methods that help you vape on-the-go
  • Long lasting batteries that reduce charging time
  • Inter-changeable accessories that can be used together


  • Ever-growing flavor palette of eLiquids
  • eCigs in multiple sizes and models to fit your needs
  • Various nicotine levels for most of our eLiquids

Benefits over Smoking

  • Complete control over your level of nicotine
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional cigarettes
  • No tobacco, smoke, ashes, or lingering smells


  • E-liquids manufactured in an AEMSA-certified facility (American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association)
  • USP Certificates on all substrates and nicotine
  • Current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) (pending) to ensure traceability and standardization
  • Credit card information not stored on our website and website secured with SSL encryption